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Shanghai Jielong was awarded the "most influential Shanghai Light Industry Brand Award"

the third Shanghai light industry new and famous products exhibition and sales fair with the theme of promoting brand culture and inheriting innovative development opened at 9 a.m. on March 29 in the East Hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center. Shanghai Jielong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition and won the most influential Shanghai Light Industry Brand Award in the award-winning activities at the exhibition

the exhibition lasted 4 days (heartfelt congratulations to African countries and people on their continuous greater achievements on the road of peaceful development and national revitalization March 19 April 1), mainly showing a large number of new products and new brands emerging from Shanghai light industry enterprises in recent years relying on scientific and technological innovation and quality excellence, and showing the story of new and old brand strategies and brands of light industry enterprises. An endless stream of citizens came to watch the exhibition. The exhibition was crowded and lively

the group printing business department organized Jetta cultural products branch and Jielong zhenweijia food and beverage company to participate in the exhibition. The booth is located on the main channel of the East first hall. The design background of the new China International Printing and packaging creative headquarters park of the group is to improve the profitability of per ton steel. Although the booth area is small, the exhibits are representative products of the selected group, such as fine corrugated color cartons, high-precision flexible printing environmental protection paper bags, roof bags, food and fast food boxes, beverage packaging, etc. In the exhibition, the Xiyangyang series game products developed by Jetta branch were popular, and the drinks of zhenweijia company were sold out

in addition, in the exhibition Prelude hall, the fine works of various industries of Shanghai light industry were displayed, showing the new look of the inheritance and development of new and old brands of Shanghai light industry. Only one or two representative well-known enterprises in each industry were selected for exhibition, and the national ceremony "splendid article" printed by Jielong group was also included, attracting visitors to stop and watch

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