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Shanghai Jinpeng: the consumption of Shanghai Jiao was relatively weak this week, and the price of Shanghai Jiao continued to fall in the oscillation market. The futures price of Shanghai Jiao continued to fall in the oscillation market this week. By Friday, the spot 604 contract closed down 490 yuan to 19760 yuan compared with last week, and the position continued to decrease to 5616 hands; The main 606 contract fell by 305 yuan to 20165 yuan, and the position increased by 7162 to 36610

; The subsequent 607 contract fell by 230 yuan to 20015 yuan, and the position increased by 3852 to 9636. According to the Tianjiao inventory released by the futures exchange, the total inventory as of March 17 increased by 2075 tons to 49275 tons, and the number of warehouse receipts increased by 1270 tons to 41945 tons

taking a comprehensive view of the market trading situation and futures price trend in a week, under the condition that the Tokyo futures price in the international market continues to maintain a relatively weak and volatile market, the continued increase in the domestic stock market of natural rubber in Shanghai and the relatively weak spot consumption demand have become the main factors leading the price trend. The futures price has continued to decline in maintaining the volatile market, in which the price of the main 606 contract once fell below the intraday low of 20000 yuan to 19880 yuan. At the same time, the continuous decline of the spot rubber quotation in domestic production areas also shows that the current rubber price has not yet generated a large demand for consumer Enterprises: on Friday, the average price of the No. 5 standard rubber electronic declaration in the spot of agricultural reclamation e-commerce fell to 20455 yuan/ton, and there is still no spot transaction. After all, as April approaches, the development of the plastic calender production line in the two major domestic production areas has entered a period of rapid development. At present, the farms near Sanya, Hainan have started cutting in succession. Although the increase in output will not be reflected in the short term, it is self-evident that the expected psychological pressure formed is self-evident, and the real pressure on the market from the output is generally after May, Therefore, while the trading volume of the main 606 contracts in Shanghai stock market continues to expand, the positions also continue to expand simultaneously, indicating that the long and short positions have formed obvious differences on the price trend of the main 606 contracts in the future market. In terms of the current spot pressure, coupled with the fact that the price of the main 606 contract has obviously fallen below the 60 day moving average in the technical position, the price will continue to support the downward demand in the short term

in the international market, the spot glue price in the main production areas of Southeast Asia remained relatively stable this week, and the RSS3 price of Thai cigarette glue delivered in April was about 2055 US dollars/ton; The price of Indonesian standard adhesive sir20 delivered in April is about USD 1900/ton. In the same period, the quotation of Tianjiao in Singapore futures market in recent months reached 204.5 cents/kg; The price of the No. 3 cigarette film futures contract in the Tokyo futures market continued to fluctuate weakly. On Friday, the spot price of the three-month futures contract closed at 235.0 yen/kg, and that of the benchmark August futures contract closed at 247.3 yen/kg. In terms of exchange rate, the US dollar was at 116.75/76 against the Japanese yen. The international market is applicable to the tensile test field of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, metal wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials. As the only material that meets all performance requirements, DSM's stanyl fortii xs85 has become the final research choice of Xiaomi technology. The April light crude oil futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange reached US $63.65 per barrel. In addition, at present, China is Vietnam's largest rubber export market, with annual export volume accounting for% of its total domestic output, about 300000 tons. Vietnam plans to take the following measures to increase rubber exports to China in 2006: encourage Vietnam Rubber Corporation and other rubber enterprises to establish long-term cooperative relations with Chinese rubber consumer enterprises, especially with Chinese automobile tire manufacturers; In addition to setting up offices in Nanning and Shanghai, Guangxi, China, Vietnam Rubber Corporation is encouraged to set up offices in Guangdong and other economically developed places in China; Organize Vietnamese rubber enterprises to visit China and promote trade activities with traditional large work areas such as northeast and Northwest China; Gradually reduce border trade transactions and steadily expand positive trade; Attract Chinese enterprises to invest in Vietnam, plant rubber, and export to China after processing; Carry out deep processing of rubber to improve the export value of rubber

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