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The rise of Shanghai Jiao middle line is still worth looking forward to.

since October, Shanghai Jiao has continued to narrow its consolidation. On Tuesday, Shanghai Jiao opened higher and went lower. However, the holding of low positions only increased by 84% in the degree of automation. The confrontation between long and short positions has been quite serious. However, the large-scale increase in late Wednesday showed signs of breaking through the overall situation, and the future direction of the market has attracted much attention. We are still bullish on the Shanghai Jiaotong midline, and also note that its platform consolidation should be coming to an end

first of all, the Federal Reserve decided to keep the federal funds rate unchanged at its meeting last Wednesday, and keep this ultra-low interest rate unchanged for a long time. This is tantamount to informing several other major economies in the world that the larger the automobile production, the United States will not take the lead in taking the exit action. The artificially long-lasting ultra-low interest rate caused by this mutual game must have laid the impetus for the further inflation of assets with very optimistic development prospects. Under this background, it is difficult to end the rising trend of Tianjiao. Now, Shanghai Jiaotong is in a strong sideways market. In fact, it is also adjusting. It is just adjusting the time, which shows that it is very difficult to suppress short positions

secondly, the crude oil has been in the back test state since it broke through its big rising triangle in October. Many people worry that it will go out of the small double top and fall back to the $65 line. The rise of $2 on Monday night basically recovered the land lost on Friday, basically negating the small double top pattern that the market is worried about. If the crude oil continues to rise, it will drive the midline rise of Tianjiao and other related varieties

again, there has been good news from the Tianjiao industrial chain recently. In the first 10 months, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 10million, which is a milestone. The rapid development of China's automobile industry is conducive to boosting the consumption of the tire industry, thereby increasing the consumption demand of rubber

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