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On April 8, Rongshida's senior management discussed the 2016 strategic plan with more than 160 dealers across the country, playing the triumphant song of Rongshida's integrated kitchen strategy

comprehensive upgrade, a new future! Modern marketing is not "sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will fall back", but "shopping malls are like battlefields, and if you win, you will die". Rising together and moving forward for love is the consistent purpose of Rongshida. On April 8, Rongshida executives discussed the 2016 strategic plan with more than 160 dealers across the country, playing the triumphant song of Rongshida's integrated kitchen strategy

thinking transformation is the key to the integrated kitchen strategy. Social transformation has become an irreversible trend, and consumers' consumption habits have already quietly changed, and then the traditional single physical store mode of marketing is bound to be eliminated by the society. In the future, the business model will be gradually replaced by the integration model. Rongshida has accumulated a lot, investigated the market, explored the business model in the Internet era, and comprehensively implemented the integrated kitchen strategy! At the meeting, Ma Jing, general manager of Rongshida, vividly expounded the current severe market situation with "the living method of winter", "the story of spring" and "the passion of summer", and provided the future direction for the majority of dealers - the era of single products has ended, and system integration is normal

method is the main role of marketing, and products have become auxiliary. According to statistics, in 2015, more than 400million post-80s and post-90s people became the main force of market consumption. President Ma emphasized that the future business model is no longer the product itself, but a way. The post-80s and 90s, a huge consumer group, pay more attention to personality and their own feelings, and think about the key to development breakthroughs. We must abandon traditional thinking and speed up the transformation of thinking - Internet thinking, online and offline linkage, so as to seize the market opportunity at one stroke

"user satisfaction is our common mission". Director Huang Ying pointed out the detailed path to the dealer. To realize rapid Internet thinking, we must first have "user thinking", which is detailed, such as big data, cross-border and other eight thinking, systematic and grounded. The Internet era is not a single era. How to realize the rapid transformation from traditional marketing to modern marketing - channel, product and sales are battle oriented, step by step, linked together, and form a powerful marketing system

online and offline integration, information-based armed marketing. Liu Yu, the head of E-Net operation Department, shared the operation mode of physical stores in the era of Zhongshan No.2 store 3.0. The Internet era is an era that has subverted the tradition. New ideas need to be constantly implanted, online and offline resources need to be integrated, and 020 integration needs to be achieved. As the saying goes, "I have one machine in my hand". Only by comprehensively integrating informatization into store marketing, can we strengthen user experience, create a high-tech environment, and maximize the satisfaction of all users' senses

at this press conference, Rongshida integrated kitchen launched a total of 17 new products. Among them, the white series kitchen appliances as bright as moonlight are deeply loved by everyone. Under the explanation of Wu Jingmin, the trainer of the business school, everyone has a deeper understanding of the structure and core of the new product. Plum blossom three whirling fire, the body is ultra-thin 13cm, and the arc shape gives you an extraordinary experience

Mr. zhengzhanfeng, head of Integrated Sales Department of Rongshida, analyzed the changes of users, trends and playing methods, and proposed that in this era of mobile Internet, Rongshida needs to use new methods to support dealers. Minister Zheng proposed the concept of "six pulse divine sword", which comprehensively interpreted the single store operation mode of Rongshida integrated kitchen for us, and shared the examples of three dealers, It further certifies the huge profits brought by the integration era

through the interpretation of the model, the successful experience of dealers was shared, and the customers on the scene recognized the integrated kitchen model very much. The signing scene was very popular. It took only a dozen minutes to sign more than 30 contracts, and the future of integrated kitchen broke out in an all-round way

in today's market, the single product is coming to an end, and the era of integration is coming in an all-round way. Let's move forward hand in hand into the new future of Rongshida integrated kitchen




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