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Which is better, the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of decoration loans? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of decoration loans? How to choose a fitting out loan? The following is a detailed introduction

credit card installment payment

credit card installment payment is a new decoration loan model rising in recent years. Many banks carry out relevant credit card business, in which banks pay the decoration consumption funds to merchants at one time, and then let users repay the bank in installments. Xicai.com compiled and collated. Such loans are mainly aimed at people who live in large and medium-sized cities, have just bought new houses, lack money for decoration, and have a good credit record. The quota is generally between 100000 and 200000

advantages: low access threshold, no mortgage

disadvantages: there are restrictions on optional decoration companies, and the loan limit is low

pure credit decoration loan

pure credit decoration loan, as the name suggests, does not need mortgage and guarantee, only requires identity certificate, income certificate, address certificate and other materials. This kind of loan is suitable for working people with stable income and good credit record

advantages: the optional quota is flexible, convenient and fast

disadvantages: the expected annualized interest rate is higher than the mortgage loan, and the requirements for personal qualifications are higher, and the amount is relatively low

house mortgage decoration loan

house mortgage decoration loan requires the applicant to take the decorated house as collateral. Users need to provide ID card, household register, real estate certificate and other documents, and take the house as collateral, they can obtain a decoration loan, up to 70% of the assessed price of the house

advantages: the expected annualized interest rate is relatively low

disadvantages: some banks do not accept houses that are already under mortgage as collateral to apply for mortgage loans




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