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Su Han

meeting manna after a long drought, meeting an old friend in a foreign land, and having a wedding night. The four happiest things in life are when they are named on the golden list. In order to make the wedding more warm and romantic, the importance of the wedding room can be seen. But now the growth rate of house prices makes people “ House slaves ” When buying a house, the funds are very tight, and the huge decoration expenses after buying a house are inevitably stretched. At this time, the decoration loan has solved the urgent need for everyone. Next, rong360 has sorted out three mainstream decoration loan ways for everyone

first, housing mortgage loan

housing mortgage loan refers to that users mortgage the real estate that can be listed and circulated to the bank and obtain a certain amount of loan. Now most banks have corresponding mortgage loans for decoration. Users need to provide identity cards, residence booklets, property certificates and other documents, and take the house as collateral, they can get a decoration loan, up to 70% of the assessed price of the house. At present, most banks' decoration loan interest rates are 10% to 20% higher than the benchmark loan interest rate, and the loan term is 3 to 5 years

second, credit card installment payment

credit card installment payment refers to the process in which the bank pays the decoration consumption funds to the merchant at one time when the user uses the credit card for decoration consumption, and then allows the user to repay the bank in installments. Such loans are mainly aimed at people who live in large and medium-sized cities, have just bought new houses, lack money for decoration, and have a good credit record. The quota is generally between 100000 and 200000

third, unsecured decoration loan

unsecured decoration loan refers to the loan issued by the bank according to the personal credit situation, without any mortgage, and only requires identification, income certificate, address certificate and other materials. This kind of loan is suitable for workers with stable income and good credit record

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the three loan ways:



housing mortgage decoration loan

because there is collateral, the interest rate is the lowest of the three ways

if the house is mortgaged, many banks do not support re applying for housing mortgage decoration loan, and the collateral value is large, it may be difficult to apply for a smaller amount of credit card installment decoration loan

the access threshold is low, No mortgage

there are restrictions on the optional decoration companies, the loan amount is low

unsecured loan

the optional amount is flexible, convenient and fast

the interest rate is higher than the mortgage loan, and the requirements for personal qualifications are higher

therefore, users can choose the appropriate loan path according to the specific situation, making the wedding night more warm




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