Italian leisure chair midj should be comfortable a

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Italian leisure chair midj should be comfortable at every moment - Italian house of glory

Italy not only defines a production place, but actually goes beyond this point: for us, it shows a way of thinking and life we have yearned for in designing and innovating furniture design since 1987

not only made in Italy, but the perfect combination of manual modeling, creativity and technology, which makes our working methods have added value in every product

Italian proprietary technology

what really makes us so unique is our industrial capacity, advanced technology and professional skills

technology is the core of our company: thanks to all our projects, we can get vitality and explosive force from a continuously cultivated and improved handicraft

soft design, more comfortable

the DNA of our products also lies in confidence in the future. We design for people who want to live, those who want to build a real space and get light and joy. Our soft design adapts to streamline, rounded corners and soft furniture, and is designed for happiness and comfort

in our product line, we constantly search for versatility and have the opportunity to find complete solutions for public and private spaces. We are looking for all possible solutions to meet your furniture design needs. Every midj product is molded with brand-new materials and colors, which have been tested





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