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After communicating with the designer, the client enters the room measurement budget stage. The client takes the designer to the new house for field measurement, measuring the length, width and height of each room of the house and the positions of doors, windows and heating one by one. However, it should be noted that the current situation of the house has an impact on the quotation. At the same time, the room measurement process is also a process of on-site communication between the client and the designer, The designer can put forward some reasonable suggestions according to the actual situation, communicate with the customer, and make a supplement to the integrity of the future design scheme

after the Designer completes the design scheme according to the customer's requirements, he starts to formulate the budget estimate of home decoration and make a quotation. Users had better understand the precautions of budget estimate and quotation, so that they can discuss the feasibility of the scheme and the construction technology of each part with the designer, and then understand the price of each construction in detail, and can judge whether the quotation is reasonable and know it well, Provide guarantee for signing the final decoration contract

the impact of the current situation of the house on the quotation

the housing condition of the decoration households also has a great impact on the quotation of the decoration construction, which mainly includes:

ground: whether it is cement plastered or floor tile ground, we must pay attention to its flatness, including the flatness of the ground of the single room house and each room. The quality of flatness has a great impact on the unit price of decoration construction such as paving tiles or floors

wall surface: the flatness of the wall surface should be measured from three aspects. The solid angle formed by the two walls and the ground or the top surface should be straight, the included angle between the two walls should be vertical, and the single wall should be flat, without fluctuation and bending. These three aspects are related to the construction unit price of ground pavement and wall decoration

top surface: its flatness can refer to the ground requirements. Light test can be used to check whether there is a large shadow to determine its flatness

doors and windows: mainly check whether the horizontal and vertical joints between door and window leaves and cabinets are uniform and dense

kitchen and bathroom: pay attention to whether the ground is inclined towards the floor drain; How waterproof the ground is; Waterproofing around ground pipelines (water supply and drainage, coal and heating pipes); Whether there are local cracks, water marks and mildew on the wall or top surface; Whether the sanitary ware has dripping and drainage, and whether the drainage is smooth; Whether the positions of existing washbasins, toilets, baths, vegetable washing grounds, stoves, etc. are reasonable




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