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Bought a house, but can not buy the happiness of life, but also can not buy a comfortable life! Home decoration like this can instantly improve your happiness in your leisure time

what you buy with money is called a house

what you make is home

every time you visit a friend's house, you will unconsciously wonder

why the house is decorated with atmosphere and comfort

it is also a rigid house type, but the space is not high-grade.

so what "little routine"

can highlight the style in the home? Calm, atmospheric and comfortable

atmospheric simple European style

with simple lines as the main tone, Walk in the fresh and elegant minimalist style, adding a trace of warmth to the busy urban life. The tone is atmospheric, and the decoration is simple and not simple. It is mainly matched with soft clothes. The whole is very comfortable and generous

the whole looks simple and magnificent without lacking design elements. The living room looks very spacious, and the integration of ceiling lights adds a little more connotation! With white carpet, it is simple and elegant with extraordinary taste

log embellishment

if you want to make the temperament of your home calm and charming, you might as well add log color matching, and you will find that it can bring no small surprise

logs can bring a strong literary atmosphere. A large number of log furniture will make your home more calm and secure

you will find that the texture of home is more elegant and charming, and it shows a natural, primitive and wild flavor. Presumably, many beautiful girls like this style! Dotted with logs, a warm home seems to have a more artistic conception of life

low key and luxury coexist, relaxed, lively and thick, and the high and low taste is self-evident

invisible storage method

do not waste any available air, boldly use the overall cabinet in the living room, porch and corner, easily become a storage master, and make the house become tonal

the shape of the cabinet should be simple and practical. It can accommodate all kinds of things and help save space. Why not? Adopt colors that are in harmony with the whole to add a harmonious atmosphere to the space

the seemingly simple design can see that it contains your pursuit of high quality of life. Looking at such a small and fresh space, it is really pleasing to the eye and instantly feels healed

creative letter wall

sometimes I feel that large white walls are in space, but I don't know how to decorate them? Using this letter background to decorate looks very personalized, novel and fashionable

want a home with atmosphere and high-end feeling

you can have it

just go to cofan to customize and make an appointment. Free measuring ruler

can give your small house an advanced transformation





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