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Domestic high-end auto parts enterprises are seriously blank and need to improve their strength

although the base of China's auto parts enterprises is relatively large, the key core parts with high profits are basically monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises, and some high-end auto parts still rely on imports. In recent years, with China's increasingly strict requirements on automobile emissions and the continuous upgrading of emission standards, In the post-processing electronic control sector, the dependence on foreign investment has reached almost 100%

it is shown that the import amount of China's auto parts in December 2016 was US $3.167 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 14.75% in the pp/2 silicon oxide composite system; In 2016, the cumulative import amount of the whole year was US $29.942 billion, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 8.96%

the following is the statistics of the import amount of China's auto parts in 2016:

although the volume and scale of China's auto parts industry have been expanding since the reform and opening up, the domestic independent parts enterprises are far lower than foreign-funded enterprises, and most of them are homogeneous. Before long, the vicious competition of broken legs, price competition and insufficient investment in enterprise innovation occurred, and the core competitiveness of products is weak. In addition, in addition to the factor of less R & D investment, due to the blockade of foreign technical barriers, some key parts are still the dominant supply of foreign-funded enterprises. China should try to reduce the contact with pressure devices and electrical systems in the measurement of engine power composition, automatic transmission and electronic electricity. In terms of general products, fuel supply system, ignition system, special energy components and other key, sophisticated In the field of high value-added and high profit parts and components products, they are basically blank. They are all controlled by foreign capital. Almost all of them rely on imports into China's manufacturing industry. The dilemma of relying on imports of core components distorts and squeezes the profit space of the overall automotive industry and parts enterprises to the minimum

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