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On February 28th, 2006, the special seminar on "packaging solutions for household electrical products" held by Huayin media group was grandly held in Danxia building, Guangzhou. 30 representatives from 19 large household electrical appliance enterprises in the industry attended the meeting. This conference is a professional seminar to advocate and provide overall packaging solutions, and it is also a pioneer exploration to find out how China's home appliance packaging can move towards a green and environmentally friendly road

as the sponsor of this conference, Huayin media group is the largest cross domain and leading comprehensive information media and professional service organization in China's printing and packaging industry, and has been focusing on providing professional industry information and packaging solutions for end users and suppliers at home and abroad

there are many problems in the current situation of household appliance packaging in China

we held this seminar because of the problems found by Huayin media group through the investigation of the packaging status of the household appliance industry

at present, China's home appliance industry has entered a golden age of rapid development. Whether in the local market or on the international stage, our home appliance enterprises are in the ranks of competing directly with many multinational home appliance groups. In this endless battle, domestic home appliance enterprises are facing the double interception of domestic and foreign competitors. Competition is a contest of overall strength, not a collision of single point operations. In addition to the quality, technology and price of products, packaging has also become the focus of the majority of home appliance enterprises as an important factor of strategic victory

however, for China's household appliance enterprises, the situation is not optimistic. At present, the inner packaging material of household electrical appliances in China is still the leading role of EPS foam plastic, while the outer packaging is the world of corrugated boxes. This form of packaging brings many problems, such as the high cost of packaging on the premise of ensuring safe packaging; The technical barrier of environmental protection packaging is getting higher and higher; It is difficult to determine the ownership of the damage of household appliances during transportation: the problem of packaging or rough handling; Recycling of packing cases and the need to pay recycling fees; The carton display effect is poor, and the scale display cannot be realized. These problems make the current household appliance packaging increasingly become a bottleneck that puzzles the development and survival of Chinese household appliance enterprises. In particular, with the continuous improvement of packaging technology and the change of market consumption concept, the non green defects of corrugated box packaging have evolved into the initiator of many trade frictions. Therefore, for the current domestic household appliance enterprises, no matter what attitude they take, the packaging reform is imperative

containerless packaging technology is bound to bring a new packaging revolution to the household appliance industry. In foreign countries, the reform of household appliance packaging has already begun. The packaging of many household electrical appliances has changed from the original hard packaging to the soft packaging and the mixed soft and hard packaging. Among them, container less packaging, a new form of packaging, can be regarded as the leader in the form of home appliance packaging. This packaging form integrates green environmental protection, convenient transportation and damage prevention. It is superior to traditional carton packaging in terms of cost reduction. Nowadays, public buildings with no container package requirements higher than 50m need to be installed with class a insulation materials, which is sweeping many developed countries and regions with a prairie fire. For example, in Europe, containerless packaging has already occupied the packaging market of most household appliances in Europe. Especially in recent years, we can see more clearly that the trend in the future is that corrugated packaging will be replaced by container packaging in which the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in the city will drop by more than 20% by 2020 compared with 2015. If China's household appliance enterprises can choose the container less packaging technology in time, this technology will bring a new packaging revolution to the domestic household appliance industry, and help it cross the bottleneck and enter a new track of rapid development

interpretation of containerless packaging technology

"containerless packaging" is also known as film packaging, which includes heat shrinkable packaging and stretch sleeve packaging. The key to the popularity of containerless packaging is that the containerless packaging technology has comprehensively expanded the performance that traditional corrugated paper packaging cannot have, with 11 Self built powerful experimental database has powerful multi-faceted advantages. First of all, this packaging form can reduce the cost of product packaging materials by more than 40%, and the floor area is only 1/8 of that of corrugated packaging materials, which is convenient for transportation. For example, Bosch Group in Greece reduced the cost of each product by 1.2 euros due to the use of containerless packaging to ensure safe transportation. Secondly, the container less packaging has visibility, so that the transportation personnel will be more careful about the protection of the products. It can also enable the household appliance manufacturers to effectively track the products and make it easier to determine who should bear the responsibility. For example, after Electrolux in Brazil adopted containerless packaging, the number of product damage during transportation was reduced from 8% to 2% - reducing the damage rate by 75%, and the company also reduced the packaging cost by 50%. In addition, containerless packaging technology also has many advantages, such as less packaging waste, high production capacity (the packaging speed of 200 household electrical appliances per hour), strong display effect, less damage to goods, and reducing inventory and inventory. All these are exactly the ideal needs of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises to solve the packaging bottleneck

in order to bring this cutting-edge packaging technology, containerless packaging technology, which is popular in Europe, into China and provide a set of overall home appliance packaging solutions for domestic home appliance enterprises. Huayin media group has invited experts from rahmer, a world-famous stretching cover equipment supplier, and ExxonMobil Chemical, a film ingredient supplier. At this meeting, Mr. per lachenmeier, President of rahmer company, pointed out to the participants several misunderstandings that household appliance enterprises often ignore in choosing packaging forms, such as manual operation costs, whether logistics is efficient, and the demand for product output, and demonstrated the excellent performance of containerless packaging technology in price, display effect, and transportation process for the enterprise representatives present through data-based examples. Mr. yudefeng of ExxonMobil Chemical, based on the materials of containerless packaging, elaborated that the containerless packaging technology can bring reliable and value-added packaging services to a variety of industrial applications from the aspects of lower cost, weather resistance protection, excellent toughness and higher clamping force of film packaging. Their speeches paid equal attention to both profession and popularity, and both technology and market, which benefited people a lot. Through this meeting, the household appliance enterprises present not only obtained the overall packaging solution - container free packaging technology provided by the world-class packaging materials and equipment suppliers, but also could master and understand the current situation and future development trend of the international packaging market. It can be predicted that this conference will trigger a new round of changes in the packaging form of domestic household appliances, and will have a significant impact on the production, market and technology of household appliance enterprises

perhaps, this process of gradual replacement will not be completed in a short time. However, with the rise of the price of packaging raw materials and the restrictions of green trade barriers, no one will deny the strong support that containerless packaging technology has brought to domestic household appliance enterprises in terms of brand building and enhancing market competitiveness. Although the pace of domestic household appliance enterprises is one step behind that of Europe and the Americas, fortunately, this conference provided a timely opportunity to catch up

source: Global corrugated box industry

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