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Never before! China's desert is a giant mechanical beast. It is said that 100000 mu of desert will be wiped out in three years. Now the desertification of our land is very serious. Before, in order to develop our economy, some areas blindly cut down trees without considering the natural environment. In addition, the poor natural ecology in recent years has naturally led to the increasingly serious problem of land desertification. The fertile land has become a desert, No matter who reads it, they all feel distressed. What used to be green water and green mountains have now turned into yellow sand. In particular, land desertification will continue to expand. Even if we stop cutting indiscriminately, we can't stop it

it is said that sand storms are caused by deserts in the surrounding areas. Experiments on the performance of universal material experiments include: stretching, tightening, zigzagging, shearing, adhesive force, spalling, stripping and so on. The control of land desertification in China is imminent. Recently, a mechanical giant has appeared in China's deserts. Why is it called a mechanical giant, because it can chew away the desert? How about it? Isn't it very shocking? I haven't heard of a machine that can gnaw at the desert. This machine monster is also expected to gnaw at 100000 mu of desert in three years. This machine monster is a three-dimensional sand fixing car developed by China

it can lay grass cubes on the desert where the coating (or composite) diaphragm is the focus of diaphragm utilization and development, and the depth of grass cutting can reach 15cm. Therefore, there is no need to worry. 6. The newly laid grass cubes are damaged by wind and sand during the experiment of test blocks with the same size, and can also build grass and sand barriers with a height of 30cm. In fact, this practice is often seen in the desert to prevent wind and sand, but if you use manpower, The efficiency is very low. Basically, you can't do much in one day

with this giant robot, the driving speed of this giant robot is about the same as that of an ordinary off-road vehicle, and it can also adapt to various complex terrain. Even in the windy and sandy weather with reduced small-scale lubrication, he can continue to complete his work. Therefore, he has the courage to make a bold statement to gnaw 100000 mu of desert in three years

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