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The development of domestic high-end food machinery market cannot be separated from policy guidance

at present, whether in terms of domestic market policy support or the current technical level, it is not conducive to the research and development of high-end food machinery. In general, with the gradual promotion of the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the development of general basic manufacturing industry will be further supported. Large food processing enterprises using food machinery will increase the demand for food machinery products. However, the feasibility of food machinery import substitution in various sub industries of China's food industry is very different, and high-end food machinery needs more policy guidance and scientific research support

R & D investment is insufficient for a long time. There is an obvious gap between domestic enterprises and some foreign developed companies in the concept of product technology development. The lack of scientific research funds and R & D funds has become an important factor restricting the independent R & D of food machinery enterprises. According to incomplete statistics of the food machinery industry, the R & D capital investment accounts for less than 2% of the operating income of business owners. Compared with foreign well-known companies, the R & D capital investment of the whole industry is very small. Relevant statistics show that the annual R & D expenditure of China's food machinery industry is not as much as that of a foreign enterprise

weak independent innovation ability. The digestion and absorption of imported technology in China's machinery manufacturing industry is slow, and most enterprises are not strong in technological innovation. 57% of the core technology sources of the main machinery products LCD display rely on the introduction. Although most of the products of China's food machinery manufacturing industry have basically realized independent production and manufacturing, domestic enterprises mostly undertake the low-end processing of products, and the breadth and depth of autonomy need to be improved. For example, the domestic low-temperature desolvation technology and equipment, plant protein processing technology and equipment, most of their key core technologies still need to be imported

customers are less willing to buy domestic products. Although the performance index of domestic products has reached 1. The main specification: 100kN is the same as that of foreign products, some customers are still willing to purchase foreign technical equipment in terms of new materials, which makes it more difficult for domestic high-end food machinery to enter the market. Although many domestic high-end food machinery products have considerable technical grade, some user departments still refuse to use them for reasons such as lack of operation performance

lack of research on industry common technologies. Due to the restructuring, some industry-oriented research institutes have become independent enterprises, and the structure, nature and work focus have changed greatly. Its industry technology supporting role is weakening day by day, the development speed of new technologies and processes is slow, and the standards of design, process, materials and manufacturing are difficult to connect with foreign countries

the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of food and packaging machinery industry clearly supports the development of high and new technologies, speeds up the development of high and new technology applications for food machinery, and uses high and new technologies and advanced applicable technologies to transform and upgrade traditional equipment. Promote the technological upgrading of traditional industries by focusing on the development of common, key and forward-looking technologies; Focus on the development of high-tech and high value-added products, improve the development level of industry leading products, and promote product upgrading

China's food machinery equipment believes that for food machinery, the continuous expansion of the domestic food processing market and the continuous emergence of new varieties have brought great opportunities and challenges. The domestic food machinery industry urgently needs more policy guidance and scientific research support. Production enterprises must accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and vigorously improve the automation and intelligence level of products to meet the needs of the higher-end product equipment market

statement "Weijie, a professor of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University, said when interpreting the proposal of the" 1035 "plan and referring to the new material industry:

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