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The trend of "outward" development of domestic household hardware enterprises is quite obvious.

due to the low cost and fierce competition, most enterprises rely on reducing the product price to obtain the market. As a result, the enterprise's profits are very low. Basically, it can only maintain production, but it is difficult to make money. The consequence is that the product price is low, the added value is low, the profit is low, and the enterprise does not have enough funds for sustainable development. The trend of "outward" development of domestic household hardware enterprises was quite obvious. At that time, although there were many internal enterprises in the industry, the industry would be difficult to improve if the enterprises could not make progress, resulting in the invincibility of the superior and the inexorability of the inferior. The CEO of Haoshanghao International Group, which launched the gold handle and diamond handle, believes that the hardware industry is gradually entering the vision of consumers from an invisible brand. Low price competition, imitation and OEM production are limited to a certain historical stage. With the development of the industry and the upgrading of competition, it is the best choice for enterprises to improve the technical content of products, have independent patents and designs, and pay attention to brand building and marketing. Domestic experts and media generally believe that it is the best choice for long-term development of enterprises

the decorative development trend of home hardware can be seen. Home hardware emphasizes its mechanical performance, rust prevention, moisture resistance, fatigue performance of moving parts and other qualities. Today, home decoration increasingly requires individuation and integrity. In addition to meeting the above functions, home hardware should also have a bright decoration and integrity matching with the overall home decoration style. Take the most common handle as an example. At present, in addition to the stainless steel salad handle, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel and transparent lacquer in the market. In terms of shape, there are European, Chinese, conventional, special-shaped and so on, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers. What's more, Haoshanghao International Group launched a pure gold handle worth 108000 yuan in 2008 and a 2 Carat Diamond handle at the International Building Materials Decoration Expo in 2009

take the furniture industry for example, the quality and grade of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenient use of furniture is largely due to the improper selection or lack of hardware accessories. As the industry saying goes: "as long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex multi-functional furniture can be made." Insiders said that the value of hardware accessories in furniture accounted for 5%, but the operating comfort accounted for 85%. Visible hardware fittings in the importance of furniture. Household hardware can be divided into two categories according to settings: ordinary and special. The former includes hinges, hinges, slide rails, etc., and the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant, etc. Among them, the hinge and slide rail are more reliable, and the hinge and lock are used most frequently in life, so they are more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, there is a greater demand and higher requirements for hardware accessories

for example, the electronic intelligent drawer introduced in the field of high-end cabinets abroad has realized the simple design of "no handle" for cabinet hardware and "hair trigger". The use of the new damping and slide rail realizes the strong load, no rebound and no leakage of the cabinet drawer, and prolongs the service life of the damping and slide rail. In the integrated bathroom design, bathroom accessories with automatic water temperature regulation, card locks, automatic doors, inductive switches, etc. have also begun to enter people's lives, providing necessary conditions for the development of intelligent home furnishings. Intelligence is a major development trend of household hardware. Professionals' home life is becoming more and more important to individuals, and their requirements for home comfort are becoming higher and higher. The lazy lifestyle that people hope now requires hardware to be more and more humanized and intelligent. This point is more obvious in the cabinet industry where the use of hardware reaches 35%

without sufficient capital guarantee, the product design and scientific and technological content cannot be improved. Copying and accepting orders from overseas enterprises have become the ultimate choice for enterprises to survive. This will inevitably lead to the absence of domestic hardware accessories in the high-end market. Hardware plays such an important role in home furnishings that the hardware accessories of furniture and cabinets of major well-known brands are basically covered by imported hardware enterprises such as Blum, heitisch and other European enterprises. The use of hardware accessories from Germany or Italy has become the biggest selling point of furniture next to plate. However, the domestic high-end home hardware market and the brand market with higher profits are mostly occupied by imported hardware enterprises

home hardware enterprises are deeply aware of this, "in the future, our goal is to deeply intervene in the domestic medium and high-end market, and we are already doing research." A metal manufacturer who has been doing OEM production for a long time believes that many domestic enterprises are excellent in product quality due to their long-term export to foreign countries or OEM for foreign capital. "The key is to change the previous practice of emphasizing production and neglecting brands, and strengthen brand management ability and corporate image strategic awareness. In this way, we will certainly be able to achieve our due market position." With the vigorous development of domestic household industry such as cabinet and bathroom, most enterprises begin to pay attention to the broad domestic market, and the transfer of export to domestic sales has become the focus of enterprise strategic development

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