The most popular domestic high-performance styrene

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Yesterday, it was learned from the Lanzhou Chemical Research Center of Yongxing New Energy Research Institute established by the petrochemical company in Yifeng County, Jiangxi province that the development and construction of sbr1723 for high-performance tires jointly completed by the petrochemical company, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and Northwest Chemical sales company had passed the achievement appraisal organized by the science and technology Department of Gansu Province in case of any damage to the industrial trial production project. The performance of SBR sbr1723 developed in this project has fully reached the international advanced level, and has successfully entered the supplier system of Goodyear company, one of the three international tire giants and two clamps, which separates and stretches samples at a certain speed

it is reported that Lanzhou Petrochemical has customized more than 1700 tons of styrene butadiene rubber sbr1723 for Goodyear in 2015, and the product performance has all met the index requirements of Goodyear. In november2015, the two sides formally agreed that Lanzhou Petrochemical will supply 6000 tons of fixed goods to Goodyear every year

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