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The decoration of the office is a matter that cannot be taken lightly. After all, how can we say that the geomancy of the office has a great relationship with our workplace fortune? If the geomancy of the office is good, we can naturally be like fish in water in the workplace. If the geomancy of the office is bad, it will inevitably lead to obstacles in our workplace. It can be seen that the importance of geomancy of office decoration, So what are the Feng Shui taboos on office decoration? Let Xiaobian explain it one by one for you

explain in detail the four Feng Shui taboos in office decoration

1. Hall design Feng Shui

the door is facing the direction of accepting prosperous gas, which will affect the pattern of the whole office. The orientation, decoration and design of the door will affect the magnetic field of the whole office, and then affect financial luck. Therefore, it must be carefully considered

2. Hall decoration notice

a large decoration company must have a hall to absorb the booming gas. With the space of the service desk, we must set up a reception hall, which is like extending both hands to embrace the visitor, showing a kind of enthusiasm

remember not to place a screen at the door, so as not to hinder the entry of the breath and block the wealth. Unless necessary, a revolving hall can be set up at the entrance as a buffer area. The lobby can be designed as a low flower shelf screen, on which plants can be placed, so that the facade is beautiful and can bring good feng shui. However, remember not to let plants wither

if the door direction is not good, you will accept the bad spirit. At this time, it is best to set up a flowing waterscape or fish tank in the lobby, because water can transform the magnetic field and turn the declining gas into prosperous gas, which is positive for the overall development of the company

when the door is in the prosperous position, a high fixed screen can be placed to form a hall at the door, and the air opening of the screen turns to the prosperous direction, so that the prosperous air can be received. When entering the door, the left and right corners are the most prominent positions, which can be slightly decorated, such as placing works of art, bonsai, vases, etc. in addition to beautifying the office, it can also improve work efficiency

generally, the location of the service desk in the lobby is best to face the gate. If the space is large enough, set up the company's trademark or name in the rear to show your dignity

the reception desk should not be set on the side of the entrance, because the side cannot block the foreign air. The Qi field takes circuitous as auspicious, and straight Qi as evil

the front desk of the company can filter customers who do not need to be met, and the performance of the side service desk will be weak, because it is the relationship of going straight into the room. If there is no service desk in the hall, it is best to set up a circular vase in the hall to guide the air with a circular body, just like a motor pumping water, which will help the operation of the air field at the entrance. If auspicious calligraphy and paintings can be hung on the wall at the entrance of the hall, it will bring a sign of peace or wealth to the whole company. Generally, the auspicious paintings of Feng Shui, which attract wealth and treasure, are auspicious

in addition, too messy furnishings are also taboo in the lobby, otherwise the whole company system will appear disorderly. It is also inappropriate to have a mirror in the lobby to shine outward. Although some companies have a mirror in the lobby, it represents that the mirror is hanging high, which can absorb good luck and eliminate evil spirit, but it also means that it repels guests. Therefore, the mirror should not be looked directly at the outside, and it is OK to look sideways

like residence, the lobby of the office is the air intake of the whole space, and its design will have a decisive impact on the pattern of the whole office, so it must be carefully considered

3. The hall should avoid

(1) the door should not be opposite “ Tiger head &rdquo

the door of the office cannot be straight “ Tiger head ” Or chimney. The so-called “ Tiger head ” It refers to the sharp corner of another building or a special building. If the gate happens to be facing the corner or prominent building, it is unfavorable

(2) open the side door to supplement transportation

when the office is not busy, if space allows, you can open the side door to achieve the effect of rush and supplement transportation. However, it should be appropriate to open only one side door. Remember not to open too many side doors

(3) the door cannot be directly facing the elevator

the elevator can be opened and closed up and down, which disturbs the originally stable atmosphere. At the same time, it is easy to distract employees' energy, which will also affect the company's fortune

4. Front desk design Feng Shui

the front desk belongs to Mingtang District in Feng Shui, that is, the place where gas is collected and absorbed, which is a very important position. If the layout is appropriate, the natural business is prosperous and the financial resources are extensive. Improper layout is bound to be detrimental to development, and serious will lead to enterprise bankruptcy

therefore, it is necessary to combine the owner's fate, sitting direction, geographical environment and industry and other comprehensive layout design. Guests entering the hall have an unspeakable sense of intimacy. Such a layout is successful. Among them, the layout of the four spirits of Qinglong, Baihu, Zhuque and Xuanwu is also very important. At the same time, the front desk should be prosperous at the entrance. More importantly, the five elements at the entrance cannot defeat the owner. Besides, the ceiling, ground, walls, beams and columns, as well as the feng shui of the outside environment should be properly arranged, which is the best Feng Shui layout of the front desk

in addition, the front desk should be set in the south, which symbolizes beauty and brightness, and should be decorated with red and purple as much as possible. Triangle decorations should not be used

explain in detail what Feng Shui should be avoided in the interior decoration of the office

first, the decoration of the office decoration design

the decoration of the office should meet the layout principle of prosperity of both human and financial resources: mountains should be seen in the prosperous position of mountains (Ding), and water should be seen in the prosperous position of (Finance); The star of robbing money should be collected, and the star of hurting Ding should be killed. This is also the basic principle of office layout. It should be in the direction of the star when it is prosperous and angry; For example, the eight white and nine purple facilities of the Eighth National Games, such as fish tanks, drinking fountains, Feng Shui wheels, Feng Shui balls, and channel openings, are arranged to start the fortune star and achieve the goal of prosperity. It is advisable to place filing cabinets, tall objects, tall trees, etc. in shanxingwang location, and it is better to be quiet for safety and health. Placing higher items in the star position of fortune robbing, and collecting mountains from the star of fortune robbing can also make money prosperous. Leaving a passage or placing dynamic items such as water and air conditioning at the star position of the unlucky star can make the company prosperous and the customers crowded

II. Overall planning of office decoration design

1. The opening position of the company is the most critical. The overall position of the company is good, but the fierce opening position is not auspicious, “ There are two gates of life and death &rdquo& ldquo; It's better to help others set up a thousand graves than to help others set up a school ”. From these Feng Shui proverbs, we can see the importance of the position of opening the door, and changing the door is also one of the best ways of this transportation. The door should be opened for good luck, followed by evil spirits, five yellows and robbery, and should not be opened in Ding Xingwang. Opening the door to Ding Xingwang is detrimental to personnel. It also includes the planning of the opening position of the manager's office, finance office, etc

2. The office decoration is designed to plan the layout of all directions, and the positions of the chairman's office, general manager's office, finance room, conference room, negotiation room and other staff offices are planned according to the good and bad effects of all directions

3. Wangcai WANGDING layout of the office of the chairman and general manager and the finance office. The layout of Wangcai office mainly includes the placement of desks, filing cabinets and drinking fountains. According to the needs and shortcomings of each position, plants, fish tanks, paintings, etc. can also be used to achieve the effect of flourishing, evil and transforming evil

III. principles of Feng Shui layout in office decoration design

1, “ Mingtang ” It should be big rather than small. The open space in front of the house is called Mingtang. In front of the desk, there is enough space, at least within the scope of conditions, to strive for the largest space. This layout has no sense of oppression, and you feel broad vision and comfortable when you work in an office chair

2. It should be quiet rather than moving. People sitting on the office chair should be quiet and avoid moving behind. It's quiet behind, no one walks around, and there is a sense of stability, stability and safety. It's easy to concentrate on office. At the same time, there should be no windows after sitting. If there is, there is no leaning behind. There is no feeling of leaning against the mountain. It is better to sit on the wall, hang pictures, etc

3. The desk should be placed at the opposite corner of the door: do not rush the door or back the door

4. The layout of the office is symmetrical and balanced, avoiding the strong tiger and the weak dragon. Sitting on the office chair is the observation point, the front left is the Qinglong position, and the front right is the white tiger position. Place filing cabinets, tall objects, flowers and trees, etc., with the same height on the left and right, and avoid being higher on the right than on the left

5. Avoid beam pressure and included angle impact. Avoid the positive pressure of the ceiling beam on the desk, and avoid the pressure head, which is mainly a disaster of blood; The lamp tube is also fierce above the head. The main head has diseases, insomnia, etc. The cross beam pressing table can be solved by ceiling, but it is ultimately inappropriate; The lamp should be placed on the upper left outside the center line of the desk. People sitting on office chairs should avoid shooting at sharp corners such as wall corners and column corners in the office

6. It's better to have a high ceiling in the office. If it's too low, there will be a sense of oppression and bad luck, which will affect the development of business and poor air circulation

7. The supervisor and person in charge of the office must have a backer behind the faucet owner who leaks money

8. The stairs of the office should not face the door, otherwise the gas intake and exhaust will collide, which is detrimental to wealth and health

9. Enter the office gate, and the toilet is next to it. Bad luck

10. It's a terrible thing to have no windows in the office. Because the air can't communicate, it's dead

11. If the desk is facing the toilet door, it will be fumigated by the toilet pollution and will be defeated over time

12. The desk must not be worn or damaged, otherwise it will damage the transportation

13. It is better to use wooden materials for the desk, and the use of iron sheet and steel will affect the magnetic field, which is not good

14. It is better to lean against the wall at one end of the desk, which is relatively stable. It is most forbidden to place the desk obliquely

15. The light in the office should be bright, and the natural sunlight is the best. (guidaye Fengshui www.guidaye.com)

explain in detail the Feng Shui taboos and principles in office decoration

avoid the top of the beam

in the office, some people have a beam on their head, and some people have a low ceiling on their head. These things are called “ Beam capping ”, In other words, in the long run, people will be under pressure at work, criticized by their superiors, vilified by villains, cervical pain, and luck block

solution: the gourd in Feng Shui plays the role of curing diseases and collecting evil spirits. Go to the handicraft store to buy several decorative vines with gourds and wrap them around them, which is not only beautiful, but also turns the evil spirits of the top of the beam

first, fire engineering

most office buildings have to be partitioned during office decoration. If the partition is to reach the top, smoke detection and sprinkler changes are required, and property management companies usually require owners or decoration companies to solve it by themselves. In this case, it is necessary to find those qualified fire companies, and the fire companies also need to report to the local fire bureau for approval according to the regulations. This time is usually 10-15 days. (the Property Department of some office buildings can also solve the fire problems)

Second, the central air conditioner

also needs partition to divide the space in the office decoration of the office building, so it is necessary to consider that each space should retain a certain number of central air conditioning outlets and return vents, so it is also necessary to find a qualified central air conditioning installation company. Before the renovation of the office, the layout plan of the central air conditioning renovation must be submitted to the property management company for review. After the completion of the project, the property management company also required to show a completion drawing of the central air conditioning project

third, strong and weak electricity

strong and weak electricity engineering is the most important point in the office decoration engineering of office buildings, because





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