When choosing stairs, we should grasp the material

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When choosing stairs, we should grasp the materials and accessories

when your living space exceeds the plane, the stairs have become a bridge to communicate the space. With the increase of duplex houses, indoor stairs have added a new topic for ordinary owners to choose home decoration building materials. The reporter learned some practical information from meibu staircase Xi'an general agency on how to choose a suitable staircase for consumers' reference. According to general manager hexiaogang, the stairs evolved from a straight line to a beautiful cross arc, from a simple detour to a myriad of rotations. Changeable styles allow consumers to choose more and more

first of all, it depends on the material

wooden stairs are the most common form. According to the classification of wood, there are ordinary wooden stairs and steel wood stairs. Beech is recognized by the world furniture industry as the wood suitable for high-end furniture, and beech is divided into many grades. The best is French and German beech, which grows in the European Alps all the year round, and is called "A-class wood" in the world. Many wooden furniture claim to choose beech, but many brands cannot issue relevant qualification certificates, and consumers who know little about it are easy to be deceived. Therefore, when identifying the material of stairs, consumers must ask the merchants for the relevant customs declaration certificate, check the origin of their materials, and don't easily believe the publicity of salespersons

in fact, the key to choosing a good stair is its own material and the coating process of steel and wood surfaces

steel stairs include pure steel stairs, steel wood stairs, and steel glass stairs. The keel and rib plate of the steel ladder play an absolute supporting role, so the requirements for the steel of the stairs are very strict. In order to reduce costs, some brands choose poor quality steel, and consumers cannot recognize the advantages and disadvantages of steel from the appearance. However, consumers can judge the quality of steel by the product name marked on the material. Finally, when choosing stair products, we must consider the installation process and after-sales service, and we can't just focus on cheap prices and ignore the fundamental element of quality. Due to the unstable quality and vitality of general small manufacturers, when products have problems, there is often nowhere to solve, so try to choose well-known brand products. In addition, there are auxiliary materials. Whether the paint used in stairs is environmentally friendly is also the key. The most worrying problem in home decoration is that the formaldehyde emission in furniture exceeds the standard. According to the latest news released by China Forestry Industry Association, the paint of stairs is composed of five important links: formaldehyde emission (less than 0.5mg/l), paint surface wear resistance, paint film hardness, paint film adhesion, and water content, which is known as the "1+4" new industry standard. Therefore, when choosing stairs, we must choose stair products with UV roller coating technology certified by relevant departments. Such products meet the requirements of human health




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