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Toilet has become a necessary thing for Modern Toilet decoration. A comfortable and beautiful toilet not only beautifies the space, but also reduces unnecessary decoration troubles for people

toilet has become a necessary thing for Modern Toilet decoration. A comfortable and beautiful toilet not only beautifies the space but also reduces unnecessary decoration troubles for people. However, in the process of decoration, the purchase of toilet is also an important link, which cannot be ignored in home decoration

according to the connection mode between the water tank and the base, the toilet can be divided into two types: connected and separated. According to different drainage systems, it can be divided into flushing type and siphon type

according to the drainage mode, the toilet can also be divided into horizontal (wall row) type and bottom row (lower row) type. No matter which one you choose, the following tips can help you choose a satisfactory toilet

1. Gently touch the surface of the toilet with your hand. If there is no uneven feeling, and you feel that the glaze and body feel very delicate, this indicates that the quality of the toilet is relatively good. If it is a low-grade toilet, the glaze and blank on its surface will be rough and dim, and small holes will be found under the light

2. Because of the high temperature when firing, the high-end toilet meets the requirements of all porcelain, so it will feel heavy on your hand. The middle and low-grade toilet has low firing temperature and short time, so it does not meet the requirements of all porcelain

3. The high-temperature toilet has a low water absorption rate, so it is not easy to absorb sewage and produce peculiar smell. However, some middle and low-grade toilets have high water absorption rate. When sewage is sucked in, it is easy to emit unpleasant smell and it is difficult to clean. Over time, cracks and water leaks will occur. When selecting a toilet, you can gently tap the toilet with your hand. If the tapping sound is hoarse and not clear and loud, then such a toilet is likely to have internal cracks, or the product is not cooked

4. When selecting the toilet, reach into the dirty mouth of the toilet and touch whether the interior is smooth. If the hand feel is rough, it indicates that there is no glaze inside, so the toilet is easy to leak. The sealing gasket of the toilet should be made of rubber or foamed plastic, which has strong elasticity and good sealing performance

5. Whether the design of the pipe is scientific and reasonable has a great impact on the flushing effect of the toilet. In general, you should try flushing before buying a toilet. In the formal standard, under the condition of less than or equal to six liters of water, the average toilet should be able to flush at least five water filled table tennis balls out after three flushes




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